Aronsson, Karin

Karin Aronsson, Ph.D. has been a professor at the interdisciplinary Department of Child Studies at Linköping University since 1989. Dr. Aronsson is a member of the editorial board for the following scientific journals: Ethnography, Journal of Sociolinguistics, Journal of Linguistic Anthropology, and Journal of Language and Social Psychology.  The range in the types of scientific journals she is involved with reflects her interdisciplinary outlook.  Much of the present research of Karin Aronsson and her collaborators concerns the interface between family (private life) and institutional (public life) (e.g. family therapy talk, paediatric interactions, network conferences in youth detention homes, and peer off task talk in school group work).  Most of her recent studies have been conducted with video recordings, and she has developed in-depth methods for analysing the minute details of everyday life (cf. Aronsson, K, 1998 Identity-in-interaction and social choreography.

Research on Language and Social Interaction, 31, 75-89). Some of her recent work concerns children’s identity formation in relation to play artifacts and visual culture (Sparrman & Aronsson, 2003), and another collaborative study concerns children’s play and sibling caretaking in relation to language shift phenomena in the Ecuadorian Andes:  Rindstedt, C. & Aronsson, K. (2002). “Growing up monolingual in a bilingual community. The Quichua revitalization paradox”. Language in Society, 31 (5), 721-742.  Also, a recent book in Swedish discusses children’s world making in a comparative cultural context: Aronsson, K. (1997; 2003). “Barns världar - barns bilder (Children’s worlds - children’s pictures).” Stockholm: Natur och Kultur).


Linkšping University- Department of Child Studies