Andrade, Claudia

Cláudia Andrade, PhD, is an Adjunct Professor of Social and Organizational Psychology in the College of Education, Polytechnic Institution of Coimbra and a Post Doctoral Researcher in the Center of Differential Psychology, University of Porto, Portugal. She has a PhD in Psychology and a Master in Social Psychology from University of Porto. Her main focuses of research are the interrelationship of gender and work/family roles and division of paid and unpaid work within families, from national and international perspectives. Her other research interests include intergenerational relations with a focus on the work/family roles during the transition to adulthood. She worked as a researcher in national and European Research Projects: “Family and Professional Choices of Young Women” (NCF P/HM/P/PSI/15112/1999) and “Family Life and Professional Work: Conflict and Synergy (EU Founded Project SERD-2002-00011). She was the principal researcher of the Project “Gender Equity, Attitudes towards Family and Professional Work during the Transition to Adulthood” (PIHM/PSI/49753/2003). She has published papers and book chapters (e.g., Work/Family Balance and Conflict Work and Family Attitudes in Young Adults, Division of Labor within Dual Earner Families). Her current research projects explore the relations between gender ideology, family role meanings and perceptions of justice of division of paid and unpaid work within families. A second line of research explores the role of work/life integration in dual-career professionals and plans for parenthood.

Adjunct Professor