Albelda, Randy

Randy Albelda is a professor of economics in the Economics Department at the University of Massachusetts Boston. Dr. Albelda has focused her research and teaching on a range of issues that have important policy implications including women's economic status, welfare reform, and family structure. Albelda has authored and co-authored a number of books, articles and reports focused on policies that affect the well-being of working families.  Her 2006 report on estimating the costs and benefits of paid family and medical leave in Massachusetts is available at  She is the co-editor (with Ann Withorn) of Lost Ground: Welfare Reform Poverty and Beyond (South End Press, 2002) and author of the article “Welfare-to-Work, Farewell to Families?  U.S. Welfare Reform and Work/Family Debates” in the March 2001 issue of Feminist Economics.  Albelda also co-authored a report, "Choices and tradeoffs: The parent survey of child care in Massachusetts," which was published in 1999 by Parents United for Child Care. Parents United for Child Care has graciously given permission for the Sloan Work-Family Researchers Electronic Network to post a pdf version of this report on the website.

Expertise: Single Parents, Paid Family Leave - State, Changing Definitions of Families, Work-Family Balance, Low-Income Families, Combining Earnings and Public Support, Low-Wage Workers, and Family Policies.


University of Massachusetts Boston- Economics Department
100 Morrissey Blvd.
Boston MA 02125
United States