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Mancession or Womancession for 2011?
April 13, 2011
From February 1 to March 29, 2011, the Sloan Network poll question asked our users, "For you and those you know, has the recession more negatively affected men’s employment (mancession) compared to women?" Of the 63 responders, 35 (57%) replied "yes," 14 (25%) replied "no," and 11 (18%) indicated that they "didn't know." Ironically, these results follow Heather Boushey's proclamation that the "mancession" is over in Slate Magazine.
A Resource That Helps Work and Family Scholars Establish Their Careers
April 11, 2011
Stephen Sweet is an assistant professor of sociology at Ithaca College and was formerly the associate director of the Cornell Work and Family Careers Institute.
What’s New in Work and Family
April 8, 2011
New, free work and family content online: Brookings: Women in the Workforce: Is Wage Stagnation Catching Up to Them Too? CBS News: Aging Unemployed Americans Struggle to Find Work FINS: Would You Work 100 Hours a Week for Your Dream Job? Miami Herald
Starbucks and Makeup: The Daily Ritual of the At-Home Worker
April 6, 2011
Morra Aarons-Mele is the founder of Women Online, a digital PR and marketing firm. She is an Internet marketer who has been working with women online since 1999.
Gaining a Competitive Edge in the Global Economy– Using Flexibility with Hourly Workers and in Healthcare
April 4, 2011
Yvonne Siu is manager of communications and government relations at Corporate Voices for Working Families. This blog was originally posted on Corporate Voices for Working Families Blog- all rights reserved.
What's New in Work and Family
April 1, 2011
New, free work and family content online: BLS: Employment Characteristics of Families News Release Ceridian: Can You Provide a Sample Policy Dealing with Job Sharing? Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta: To Work or Not to Work: The Economics of a Mother’s Dilemma Forbes:
The kindness of strangers...
March 30, 2011
Work life balance or tethered to technology?
March 28, 2011
Judi Martin is an Emmy-award winning broadcast journalist, speaker and work/life pundit who has been heard on American Public Media’s Marketplace Report, National Public Radio, World Vision Report, CNBC Business Radio and contributes as an anchor on News 12 Long Island. This blog was originally posted on her Work Life Nation Blog - all rights reserved.
What's New in Work and Family
March 25, 2011
New, free work and family content online: ABA Journal: Lawsuit Claims ‘Macho’ Culture Led to Associate Dad’s Firing Accenture: Report: Reinvent Opportunity: Looking Through a New Lens Catalyst: 2010 India Benchmarking Report Ceridian:
The ‘Tiger Mother’ Discourse through Another Lens
March 23, 2011
Do you wish that you had never heard the term Tiger Mother? Do you, like me, resent the way social discourse pits mothers against each other in a race to become the new Wonder Woman?