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What's New?
April 18, 2008
New from the Network: The eleventh issue of the Effective Workplace Series: Domestic Violence (PDF format). Three new entries in the Work and Family Encyclopedia: Afterschool Care and Work Life Issues, by Rosalind Barnett et al. Educational Careers, Returning to School, and Work-Family Concerns, by Andre
Entrepreneurs & Work-Life Balance
April 17, 2008
Entrepreneurs are a potent element that drives economies but should it be success at all costs? According to a global study on entrepreneurship from Babson College,almost 15% of the US population is working for startup companies that are less than 3.5 years old. About half of these companies will fail within five years.
Family Friendly Employers
April 16, 2008
Everyone's talking about family friendly employers. Our recent Network poll found that “family friendly employers” was the work and family topic of greatest interest. Fifty-six percent of respondents asked the Network to develop work-family resources on family friendly employers, followed by resilience, stress and coping (39%) and return on investment or the business case (34%).
New Jersey Senate Passes Paid Leave
April 14, 2008
New Jersey took one step further to becoming the third state in the country to allow employees paid leave to care for a sick relative or a new baby. Governor Corzine is set to pass the law. The legislation would allow for 6 weeks of paid leave, up to $524 per week. The leave will be funded by employee contributions of approximately $33 per year. Supporters of the legislation believe that this action will enable working families to balance their careers and their families with greater ease and less stress.