Resources for Teaching & Training

The Network offers multidisciplinary, credible teaching resources and access to the world’s foremost academics and researchers.

Looking for citations of peer-reviewed journal articles on work and family topics or articles outside of your discipline? Want to disseminate your findings to a broader audience of non-academics? Need information about work and family topics from an online peer-reviewed Encyclopedia? Or are you interested in ideas for a class activity, workshop, or course syllabi? You’ve come to the right place. Whatever you need, we are your first stop for evidence-based research on work and family issues

  • Using Network Resources to Teach Work and Family 
    This section outlines how the Network can be used to inform family course designs, implement class activities, and engage students in active learning.
  • Syllabi
    This syllabi collection was created to encourage faculty in different disciplines to include work and family topics in their courses.
  • Workshop & Class Activities
    Here you will find suggestions for class exercises, case analyses, talking points, PowerPoint slides, and publications recommended for further reading.
  • Teaching Modules
    These Teaching Modules are a resource for faculty members and teachers interested in incorporating work and family issues into their class content.
  • Pamphlet for Teaching Work and Family
    This pamphlet details how teachers can incorporate the Network resources into their courses. 

Additional Resources for Teaching and Training

  • Work and Family Timelines
    Our collection of work and family timelines identify key events, experiences, publications, and people that have marked the progress of the work and family area of study.
  • Sloan Network Papers
    These Sloan Network-sponsored papers were produced as a part of the Network's initiatives or special projects.
  • Berkeley Collection of Working and Occasional Papers
    The Berkeley Center for Working Families was established in 1998 with funding from the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation.  The Sloan Network is honored to host their collection of working and occasional papers.
  • Matrix of Information Domains (PDF)
    The Editorial Board of the Work and Family Encyclopedia has prepared a Matrix as a way to locate important work and family topics in the broad area of work and family studies. Matrices can be found at the end of most of our Work and Family Encyclopedia entries.