WFRN Special Interest Groups

What Are Special Interest Groups? (SIGs)

Special Interest Groups (SIGs) enable WFRN members to share information, network, collaborate, write "research spotlight" reports, and organize sessions for the next WFRN conference. Members may add or drop SIG affiliation at any time. There is currently no fee for SIG membership, but those participating are expected to keep their WFRN membership current.  Read more ...

General Organizing Guidelines

Although WFRN encourages each SIG to develop along its own path in ways that are meaningful and valuable to its members, there are some guidelines that each SIG should follow. These general organizing guidelines are available here.  

List of Active WFRN Special Interest Groups (SIGs)

Please peruse the list of SIGs to see if there are any you are interested in joining.  Contact information for SIG organizers is provided:

Aging, Work and Family

Connecting Research to Practice

Cross-Country Comparisons

Disability, Work, Family, and Care

Early Career Network

Economic and Public Policy

Gender and Work-Family

Global Work and Family Issues in Emerging Economies

Organizational Work-Life Policy: Structures & Outcomes

Parenting & Caregiving

Reorganizing Work

Technology, Work and Family

Work-Life Issues Among Entrepreneurs

Work-Life Issues in the Academy

Work-Life Research & Practice from a LGBTQ Perspective

Youth (Un)Employment