Welcome to Steve Sweet, Interim WFRN Executive Officer

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Welcome to Steve Sweet, Interim WFRN Executive Officer


The WFRN Executive Committee is pleased to announce Dr. Stephen Sweet of Ithaca College will assume the roles and responsibilities of Interim Executive Officer of WFRN. 

We are convinced Steve has a unique set of experiences, knowledge, and perspectives that will enable him to be an exceptional Interim.

For those of you who do not know Steve, please let us provide you with a bit of an introduction.

Trained as a sociologist, Steve has focused on the tensions individuals experience as they manage job and family responsibilities, examining adaption throughout the life course. Steve has carefully examined factors that influence organizations to adopt flexible work arrangements, as well as the ways alternate work arrangements affect workplace performance.  In his publications, Steve explores the chasms that separate workers from meaningful, stable, and economically rewarding careers.  In a thoughtful manner, Steve and his colleagues have explored the ways individuals, grassroots organizations, employers, unions, governments, and the international community can contribute to refashioning an economy that better serves the interests of working families.

Steve brings to WFRN impressive scholarship achievements, including books such as Changing Contours of Work: Jobs and Opportunities in the New Economy (2017, Sage with Peter Meiksins), The Work Family Interface (2014, Sage), and Work and Family Policy: International Comparative Perspectives (2012, Routledge).  Steve’s articles published in peer reviewed journals have considered a range of issues relevant to the work and family area of study. 

In addition to his research agenda, Steve has developed deep expertise in the teaching of social science.  Collaborating with the Sloan Work and Family Researchers Network (a precursor association to our current WFRN), he provided leadership for different initiatives focused on the teaching of work and family as well as providing support to early career work and family scholars.  Steve currently chairs WFRN’s Early Career Fellows Program.

We believe we reflect the sentiment of the entire WFRN membership when we say that we are grateful for Steve’s willingness to contribute his leadership abilities to WFRN’s transition activities and we stand ready to help him in whatever ways would be useful.