Register Now-Professional Workshop: People's Capabilities to Combine Work and Care

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Register Now-Professional Workshop: People's Capabilities to Combine Work and Care

Mara Yerkes and Jana Javornik generously organized the workshop "Professional Workshop: People's Capabilities to Combine Work and Care" for the 2018 WFRN Conference. This workshop takes place on Saturday, June 23rd from 9-10:30 AM. if you interested in attending, please email to secure your spot. More workshop details below. 

Academics, policy-makers and employers alike are attuned to how work-family policies and interventions translate into real opportunities for individuals with paid work and care responsibilities. While businesses and organizations increasingly develop policies or interventions to help parents and careers combine work and care, these policies and interventions may not have the desired effect or reach target groups. Why do some individuals make use of available policies and interventions while others do not? Which factors need to be considered for individuals with complex care and family situations? How can my company or organization ensure the intended groups benefit from policies and interventions targeted at helping them? Work-family policies and interventions, while designed with the best intentions, may not have the desired effect because individuals differ in their real choices, their capabilities, to engage with these policies. Applying key insights from academic research on the capabilities approach, this interactive workshop focuses on helping policymakers and professionals identify barriers to effective work-family policies and develop tailor-made solutions. Following a brief introduction to the capabilities approach and its usefulness for policymakers and professionals, participants will be split up into smaller groups to work on a concrete case, which participants can submit prior to the workshop. Both workshop organizers have significant experience working with multiple stakeholder groups on this topic in an interactive format.