Happy Belated Father's Day

In honor of father's day, albeit a week late, I've compiled a list of some recent journal articles, news articles and reports on fathers in the workplace. On the top of my list is the Boston College Center for Work & Family's report, The New Dad: Caring, Committed and Conflicted, that presents the results of the second phase of their research on fatherhood. The survey was completed by 963 professional working fathers actively engaged in parenting children up to age 18 and reveals some interesting findings.

In an interview with Fox News, Brad Harrington, Executive Director of BCCWF and one of the authors of the study, points out that today's fathers value not only job security in this difficult economy, but also workplace flexibility. One of the key findings was that most fathers wanted to share equally in caregiving with their partners but felt unable to due to their work and family circumstances. One takeaway for employers from this report may be that, "fostering a culture that is supportive of fathers in their multiple roles leads directly to more satisfied, loyal employees and a lower level of work-to-family conflict" (p.32). The implication may be that family friendly workplaces benefit all employees and the company's bottom line through a reduction in turnover and recruitment costs.

Below are some other relevant articles. Let me know if you have an article or insight to add.

Blogs and News Articles:

Journal Articles and Reports from our Literature Database:

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from the last few years the

from the last few years the world economy has been changed but the father's roles havent changed rather they are getting more critical. now-a-days it is really difficult to manage office and children at the same time. however it is good to hear there are some research on this,,, hope for a better change...