What are the key differences between the old Network and the new Network?

First, the Network has relocated to the University of Pennsylvania. Jerry A. Jacobs is the Executive Officer. Judi Casey, Director of the former Sloan Network at Boston College, served as Director of WFRN through 2014. 

Second, the new website offers an open access web platform showcasing the Work and Family Commons, a global, interdisciplinary work and family subject matter repository, as well as a community-driven News Feed, and Events calendar among other features.

Third, our new name is the Work and Family Researchers Network. To acknowledge the strength of our members and the community-driven nature of our new website, we have changed the word “Research” to “Researchers.”

Finally, the Network has transformed from a staff-driven enterprise to a member-driven one. The membership organization takes a leadership role in managing and populating the new WFRN website with content of interest to the interdisciplinary work and family research community. Members contribute dues and provide the manpower for biennial conferences that will generate revenue for sustainability.