Tips and Challenges of Teaching Work-Life Concepts @7th Community, Work, and Family Conference

Type of Event: 
Thursday, May 25, 2017 - 4:15pm - 5:45pm
Event Location: 
Room G. 125 S. Carlo, University Catholic of Sacred Heart, Milan, Italy
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Please join us on May Thursday 25th at 4:15 pm in the room G. 125 S. Carlo during the incoming Community, Work and Family Conference in Milan (Italy) to this session to learn more about challenges and tips to teach work-life concepts and to listen best practices from top scholars in the field. I am delighted to announce the list of panelists and their topic and also very honored to have them in the session. Panelists (in alphabetic order): Anna Bardoel, Alexandra Beauregard, Jeffrey Greenhaus, Jarrod Haar, Ellen Kossek, Stephen Sweet.

  • Anna Bardoel: “The Flexibility Walk”
  • Alexandra Beauregard: “Know your audience: Making work-life balance relevant to undergraduate students”
  • Jeffrey Greenhaus: “Applying Work-life Concepts to an Online MBA Course on Leadership and Professional Development”
  • Jarrod Haar: "Teaching work-family issues to students with no work experience or family"
  • Ellen Kossek: “Managing work life boundaries in the digital age: Flexstyles assessment".
  • Stephen Sweet: “Editorial Assignments in Work-Family Courses”



Marcello Russo