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One of the changes from the former Sloan Work and Family Research Network to the WFRN is the transformation from a staff-driven enterprise to a member-driven one. Members take leadership roles in providing content of interest to the interdisciplinary work and family research community. For the WFRN to succeed, we need you to get involved. Your support will help to advance, promote, and preserve interdisciplinary work and family scholarship to move the field forward.

Top 12 reasons to become a member:

  1. Get involved with the global hub for work and family information.
  2. Connect and collaborate virtually and face to face.
  3. Membership includes an electronic subscription to Community, Work & Family.
  4. Stay current on the latest work and family information and research.
    • Members receive a weekly News & Events update plus a monthly update of information from the Work and Family Commons.
  5. Contribute to the Work and Family Commons, the first-of-its-kind, subject matter repository.
  6. Participate in Special Interest Groups.
  7. Attend the multidisciplinary conference for the international work and family community.
  8. Help to move the field forward by advancing research and scholarship.
  9. Engage in leadership opportunities by joining a committee or running for an elected office.
  10. Vote for elected officers.
  11. Support the next generation of scholars and students.
  12. Be listed in and have access to our Member Directory.

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To join WFRN:

To begin, create your Account/Personal Profile here. Having a login allows you to post news and events as well as to deposit to the open access repository, the Work and Family Commons. In addition, WFRN members can include their picture, bio and specialty areas in the Member Directory, available to members only.

To pay your membership dues, please connect to the WFRN payment portal here. (NB: Membership dues are based in a different website that requires a separate login and password.)

Information about WFRN membership categories and dues levels can be found here.

To pay by check or purchase order, please contact us at the email address below. (If you live outside the United States, you must pay by credit card.)



Professor Jerry A. Jacobs
Department of Sociology
University of Pennsylvania
3718 Locust Walk
Philadelphia, PA 19104-6299

To renew an existing membership:

To renew your membership, please pay your membership dues by connecting to the WFRN payment portal here.

WFRN has launched a new e-commerce platform called MeetingSavvy. This system is very user-friendly and has many useful features, but because of the University of Pennsylvania’s cyber security rules, first-time users cannot automatically transfer the login from their WFRN account to the MeetingSavvy system.  You will be required to set up a new account, but we hope that this minor inconvenience will be more than offset by the new system’s ease of use. For example, the MeetingSavvy platform has a shopping-cart design that allows users to choose from a variety of payment and contribution options. Now that WFRN has many different payment options, including a discounted 2-year membership option, we needed an e-commerce platform with more flexibility than was possible with our old system. Moreover, MeetingSavvy  is linked to the manuscript submission process that WFRN is using to manage submissions to its conferences.  We appreciate your patience and understanding in setting up a new account on the MeetingSavvy system. 

Information about WFRN's membership categories and dues levels can be found here. 

Memberships will not automatically renew. Memberships are for the calendar year. 

Questions? Contact WFRN